Vinka heaps praise on Azawi after ‘Love Panic’ success

Posted: 2020-09-23T20:53:47Z Read: 2,165 times
Vinka heaps praise on Azawi after ‘Love Panic’ success

New kid on the block Azawi took the Ugandan music industry by storm after releasing Quinamino.

Prior to her breakthrough, Azawi was  under the close watch of Big Talent and Banq Records headed by Pia Pounds’s manager Kusseim.

She is reported to be the brains behind some of Eddy Kenzo’s hit songs like Tweyagale, Ssemyekozo, Inabana among others.

Although both parties have never come out to clear the air, her writing skills are without doubt on a high level thanks to her well crafted Lo Fit EP which comprises of five songs.

Azawi’s versatility is felt on this EP as she twists through a couple of genres to give different sides of her art. She says that she is not inclined to a particular genre and music, for her, everything comes a vibe.

Vinka, who has one of the most trending songs at the moment, ‘Love Panic’, heaped also praises on Azawi by saying the song is a hit because of her  unique writing skills.