Chameleone No longer Has Time For Music - Papa Cindy

Posted: 2020-08-23T20:00:04Z Read: 1,410 times
Chameleone No longer Has Time For Music - Papa Cindy

Struggling singer Papa Cindy left Leone island music group to look for greener pastures under manager Roger.

He is focused to doing music and believes under Roger, he will be able to achieve his dreams in the industry. 

Papa Cindy said the reason why he left Leone island is because Chameleone has no time for music at the moment, he is seriously focusing on  his political ambitions of unseating Erias Lukwago from the Office of the Lord Mayor, come 2021.

He also testified he never paid for the collaborations he did with Chameleone as people had earlier alleged.

"I never paid for any song I did with Chameleone, we did as a group. I have moved away from Leone island because I need to focus on my music career. Chameleone is  more into politics and has little time for music," he said in an interview on a local television over the weekend when he was asked on why he left Leone island music group.