I Created Mozey Radio - Omulangira Ssuna

Posted: 2020-05-13T08:31:38Z
I Created Mozey Radio - Omulangira Ssuna

Forever upcoming musician and Producer, Omulangira Ssuna claimed he learnt nothing from Mowzey Radio because he created him.

The "Emaala" singer confirmed Radio Mowzey was a good singer,  songwriter and very creative but he never taught him anything.

"I can't say I learnt anything from Mowzey Radio because I created him," he said during a local television interview.

It should be noted that in 2008, Omulangira Ssuna featured on one of the biggest hit songs "Nakudata" with Radio and Weasel and this was the beginning of Goodlyfe's shot at stardom.

The song captured people's hearts and garnered for them a sizable fan base.

This didn't go well with  Omulangira Ssuna who claimed full control of the song and this started  the beef among the singers.

Well, as Omulangira Ssuna continues to give himself credit as the creator of the fallen singer, we all know that Mowzey Radio  started his music career with Jose Chameleone's Leone Island Crew.