Faded Musician Latinum, T.O.N  Reunite 

Posted: 2020-03-18T06:51:52Z Read: 2,570 times
Faded Musician Latinum, T.O.N  Reunite 

When Latinum got his breakthrough a few years ago, T.O.N was the man behind him as both the manager and producer.

The two met in Mbarara. Latinum was studying at International Window School while T.O.N  produced music at Game Park Records.

They later took separate ways after T.O.N’s girlfriend then known as Ninsiima decided to sleep with Latinum before cementing a relationship with him. The union resulted into a baby. T.O.N couldn't handle the betrayal, he decided to let Latinum go.

A close source has told this website that the two have put their differences aside and reunited.

 Latinum has been  struggling with his career after failing to drop a single hit song.

He hopes to resurrect his career with T.O.N who currently manages Suspekt Leizor.