B2C boys Could Be Headed For Jail (Details Inside)

Posted: 2019-09-13T07:36:22Z Read: 5,633 times
B2C boys Could Be Headed For Jail (Details Inside)

The B2C boys are in hot soup yet again after getting involved in a song theft scandal.

The “Gutujja” hitmakers recently released a song titled “tebigatika” whose original version belongs to a one Sanyu Harriet. This was all done without permission from the original author.

After the situation getting worse, the singers decided to contact the song owner but all was in vain since she resides in the USA.

However, they managed to go through Mariam Ndagire, the President of Uganda Female Performers Association but Harriet is still reluctant to revert.

An insider revealed that Harriet is planning to drag the dynamic trio to jail to teach them a lesson.

The singers are currently out of the country but we shall keep you posted as soon as they return.