Lydia Jazmine Clears Air On 'Mpanirira' Song Release

Posted: 2019-07-04T12:32:49Z Read: 2,619 times
Lydia Jazmine Clears Air On 'Mpanirira' Song Release

A few days ago, sexy musician Lydia Jazmine dropped a single titled ‘Mpanirira’.

However, soon after the release, another musician claimed full ownership of the song. This caused conflict  since Jazmine had bought it from the original writer. When he was confronted, he confessed to have sold it to another musician long time ago. 

The ‘you and me’ hit maker has released a statement regarding the song and part of it read,

“We released an audio and lyrics visual titled, ‘Mpanirira’. We bought this song from one of the top music writers in Uganda. However, one week after release, it has come to our knowledge that the song had been sold to another person before getting to our custody. Because of this development, I would like to inform my fans and all concerned stakeholders that with immediate effect, I hold no interest in the song. Although we are victims of the writer’s greed, we highly regret any inconveniences caused”.

We shall keep you posted