Pallaso Releases "Sanyu Lyange"... Originally A 'Sweet Kid' Hit Song. (New Audio)

Posted: 2014-09-04T16:57:01Z Read: 4,722 times

Sweet Kid's hit song 'Sanyu Lyange' was revamped by dancehall/afro-beat artiste, Pallaso... and we love this new version of the song. Pallaso did his own Pallaso way but had to keep a few Sweet Kid melodies because, well, it's Sweet Kid's song.

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If you love the original song by Sweet Kid, her is the download link.

Play "SANYU LYANGE" - Pallaso(on Howwe Music)

SANYU LYANGE > Pallaso - Uganda Music (Download Songs the easiest way)

The Song is available for free download on Howwe Music - Pallaso's Wall

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