Jeff Kiwa Denies beating Chozen Blood

Posted: 2018-10-22T09:26:21Z Read: 2,738 times
Jeff Kiwa Denies beating Chozen Blood

Music manager Jeff Kiwanuka has come out to refute the allegations that he thumped singer Chozen Blood.

He said, "I haven't spoken to Chozen Blood in a very long time."

He claims he last spoke to Chozen Blood when he was signing a contract to join Team No Sleep ( TNS).

However Chozen Blood says no contract was signed.

"We were working on a gentleman's agreement," he claims.

 He added, "I don't know why Jeff is after me yet I left his label on the right foot. I have not even uttered anything against him since I left."

It should be noted that earlier last week, Chozen Blood accused Jeff Kiwa of assaulting him while at Sky Lounge, Kisementi. He alleges that Jeff Kiwa strangled him and he was saved by bouncers at the bar.

The singer, who quit Jeff Kiwa's label few week  ago, thinks Jeff Kiwa is out for blood.