Video N Audio: Gwe Asinga — Navio

Posted: 2018-07-02T12:26:48Z Read: 3,323 times
Video N Audio: Gwe Asinga —  Navio

Sultry Hip-Hop vibes interweaved with a heavy reggae bass line allow for the “Gwe Asinga” magic to take shape. This is a masterpiece of music from the versatile Ugandan pioneer Navio and producer J.O.B, that encapsulates several genres but retains the Afro-reggae rap vibe that Navio weaves together with ease.

It has been a while since Navio has released a song with this much poise and articulate restraint and the ladies are not mad about that at all. From humble beginnings as a battle rapper, he has managed to expand his horizons whilst still retaining his place in the pantheon of hip-hop in Uganda.

On the song, he woos his target with simplistic but wholesome lyrics and an inter-medley of Luganda, English and singing. Though the bass line keeps a steady early 90’s ragga riddim flow, the lyrics play and change up frequently exhibiting his lyrical flare.

The Video was Directed by the dynamic duo Shiloh and Henix for Icon Studios, who executed the Navcorp storyboard perfectly. They have given rise to a new generation of Directors in Uganda and this video is a testament to that.

A huge part of the video magic was made possible by Speke Munyonyo Resort which laid the backdrop and scenery for the perfect romantic getaway location.

Icon Studios and Navcorp are proud to present “Gwe Asinga”…