I Have Never Begged Anyone To Be My Fan – Singer A Pass

Posted: 2017-06-12T07:30:49Z Read: 5,888 times
I Have Never Begged Anyone To Be My Fan – Singer A Pass

Ugandan Reggae dancehall artist Alexander Bagonza commonly known by his stage name, A Pass seems to be slowly and arrogantly growing ‘steel balls’. Check all his social media platforms; you will be knocked for six how he values too highly of himself.

Well, recently he claimed most Ugandan musicians are doing ‘biscuit music’ (FYI: Biscuit music or Disposable music is music that is considered "hot" for a few weeks and then forgot about a year later) which we may agree with…..however, what caught our attention — comments he made about the music fans.

‘If you don’t want to deal with A Pass, deal with Eddy Kenzo. Me, I have never begged anyone to be my fan. I have never begged you. You can kindly not come for my shows because I have never begged you. I have never called you to be my fan. If you want to support …support…if you don’t want leave. It’s okay’, A Pass roared in a recent interview

What do you think of the comments?