My VIP Section Was Empty... So What??? — Mun G

Posted: 2017-05-10T09:02:00Z
My VIP Section Was Empty... So What??? — Mun G

Ugandans have a PHD when it comes to critiquing. Over the weekend, there were two events; Tugende Mukikadde at Serena Hotel and Mun G held his at Freedom city.

To many, having a successful concert in Uganda, one must have filled the venue to capacity.

Mun G concert was a success though some analysts have revealed that MunG VIP section was literally empty.  The number of people in the VIP section was ..ONE..TWO...THREE, say they were countable.

While appearing on XFM Radio last evening, he BLASTED Ugandans who never appreciate people’s efforts.  He added that he went to Freedom city to perform for his fans not for VIP. He also informed his haters that he has enough money to sustain himself so he won’t starve because people didn’t fill the VIP section. He says he does music for passion not money. He signed out by thanking Ugandans who just turned out to support him and who have been there for him since he began his music career.