The VUQA CYPHER — Review | Who Killed It?

Posted: 2016-11-17T08:04:44Z
The VUQA CYPHER — Review | Who Killed It?

Let me start by saying this - yes there is hope. So calm down!!  Our hip-hop industry is making a lot of strides in putting wonderful projects out there than most genres in our industry!! VUQA is a manifestation to my statement!

VUQA dropped the cypher version of her music movement, and reminded everyone in Ugandan hip-hop how it should be done. Featuring a combination of Dance hall artists, Nutty Neithan and Peter Miles plus other rap-stars Keko, Big Trill, The Mith, St Nelly Sade, Timothy Code and Ruyonga, this version of Cypher is what any real music fanatic would love.

This is what a cypher should really sound like to a layman. Download and Listen to The VUQA CYPHER below.

The production by Michael 'Fingers' Mugisha makes the melody super catchy, and all the features brought a very unique but still street element to the tune. From Keko setting the tone, to Peter Miles rugged flow, and the wrap up with Ruyonga, everything came together very well with Josh The Fixer on the visuals. Not forgetting  DJ-Bush Baby the brain behind this.

Most topically diverse performance of the cypher. If we had to pick our favs from the all-star lineup they’ll have to be Timothy Code and Nutty Neithan. The two did not just do the typical hip-hop braggadocio poetry that cyphers are riddled with. Their delivery and tone of voice packed more punch than the actual bars.

Overall this is a super dope track, and we shall rate it at 8.5/10. Leave us with a comment

Watch the Video Below