Watch & Download – “Do Your Thing” Mun G ft. SupaFlys

Posted: 2016-09-14T09:11:47Z
Watch & Download – “Do Your Thing” Mun G ft. SupaFlys

Not only is Mun G bringing us fun and happy cheer in his variety of songs, he has added educative good music to serenade our ears. The latest offering is a western, pop- like hip hop sound with vocals by SupaFlys.

Download 'Do Your Thing' - Mun G Ft The SupaFlys

The music melodies on “Do your Thing” will further light up your desire for good music again, as the beats were led heavily by strumming symphonies from an electric lead guitar, whose riffs perfectly induces the sensation to listen to the song over and over feeling #BeFly MODE.

 Mun G and SupaFlys

We have learnt Do Your Thing has become a viral sensation among the youths. Watch, Download and don’t forget to share the Video!

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