Naira Ali Obsessed With Mowzey Radio’s Voice.

Posted: 2015-04-10T16:06:36Z

People often fall for something that’s impacting people in appositive manner and it even becomes an obbession if that particular thing is within your circles of joy. Naira Ali of the ‘Tulo’ fame has a thing for one of Goodlyfe’s member Moze Radio for his vocals and irresistible voice. Naira lately confessed her undying desire for a collabo with Moze and it should be noted that she named Mowzey Radio her favorite Ugandan artist.  

Who’s Naira Ali ?

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Naira is a talented singer herself and I can only imagine what will come out when two great singers hit the studio booth together to record a track. Expect nothing but a hit for your listening pleasure.

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