Mirinda Comedy Tour thrills Mbarara residents

Posted: 2016-10-24T14:28:56Z Read: 2,659 times
Mirinda Comedy Tour thrills Mbarara residents

Comedy lovers in Mbarara town are asking Laftaz Comedy and Mirinda to organize more comedy shows in the area. This follows an ecstatic comedy performance by comedians belonging to the Laftaz comedy group at The Heat Bar in Mbarara Town on Saturday (October 22, 2016).

The event which was sponsored by Mirinda saw comedians Mad Rat and Chiko, Snake and Zollo, Sala Puleesa’s Ronnie Macvex, thrill Mbarara revelers with their crazy rib cracking jokes for close to five hours.

“Can’t we have it at least once in every two months? This is a perfect stress reliever, we badly need it and I know Laftaz and Mirinda can give it to us,” said Judith Asiimwe one of the comedy lovers.

When engaged about the request, Timothy Luzinda the Brand Manager Mirinda said the request can be considered.

“Mirinda is about freeing your fun side and if the people are demanding for more shows, we shall look into it and see what we can do. We must free their fun side because, that is what Mirinda is all about,” said Luzinda.

The show was opened up by an electrified performance by Uganda’s dancehall Emperor Ziza Bafana.

The Mbarara comedy show is part of the ongoing Mirinda comedy tours. The first show was in Lira at Lira Hotel, the second in Mbale at Thatch Gardens and the third in Mbarara at The Heat Bar. According to Luzinda, the tour is still on and many more shows will be organized.