Nude Festival... It's Desire Luzinda Stark-Naked, Ooops!!

Posted: 2014-10-31T08:32:05Z
Nude Festival... It's Desire Luzinda Stark-Naked, Ooops!!

Singer Desire Luzinda has been uncovered by Nigerian Lover after the Nigerian got fed up of being cheated on. The Man Identified as Franklin Emuobor claims the singer has been detoothing him while sleeping with other men- like Former Mayor Seya, and Juma Seiko. This was the reason why Desire Luzinda has been declared bankrupt and even detained for debts.

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Howwe has come to learn that Desire Luzinda is a Nudist who loves showing her breasts, vagina and bumpy body to any one she sleeps with. Don’t be surprised by the language we have used….Buts the natural language one could come nearer to if provoked with photos of this level.

Desire Luzinda's photo contains content intended for adult audiences only, ... If you insist you want to see it, Click it, it'll reveal itself.

Late this year, there was a nude photo of Desire Luzinda squatting in a bath tab doing a phone sex!! Desire took to the media that it was not her in the alleged picture. As you usual, media looked a fool.

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Now one person identified as Franklin released a couple of a completely naked Desire fingering herself, other photos were Desire trying to do porn acts!!! This is not photoshop as one can allege to be of late.

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We can prove to you that its Desire Luzinda…..The last time the photo leaked of Desire in a bath tab, she claimed she wasn’t the one….. because for her she has a tattoo on her side-belly. Yes, A tattoo. In this latest photo there is a tattoo…see the picture for evidence!!!.

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Let this serve as a warning to you one is innocent, everyone loves sex, but how do you do it??? Get ready for more to come!!!

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