Professa Big Eye Claims Kenzo Was Jealous Over Tip Swizzy’s Success

Posted: 2015-12-29T14:38:04Z
Professa Big Eye Claims Kenzo Was Jealous Over Tip Swizzy’s Success

Singer Big Eye is very angry at the recent developments at the Big Talent camp in which his former boss, Eddy Kenzo recently sacked two senior musicians; Tip Swizy and Geosteady from the group.

Singer has come out to publicly to claim fellow singer Eddy Kenzo is not a good manger and doesn’t know how to handle big artists’ musicians

In a cryptic Facebook post on his wall, the Tusasanya hit maker advised Eddy Kenzo to stop feeling jealous when other artists from Big Talent go and perform on other shows to get some money since he doesn’t pay them objectively.

“A good heart is that heart that never gets jeaulous when someone goes out to look for his own food once in a while.just b’se u can’t finish all their problems and responsibilities and some times business might be less yo self I call it hard work b’se I feel proud when my partner gets own cash.Do you expect someone to chase business if it comes??Also look at the level difference btn us and them.if yo certisfied these people still have to husstle so that they also get somewere.Never convert someones opportunity to be a problem or a crime. WANO MU BIG MUSIK TUVUMILIRA EBIKOLWA NGA EBYO. CEO BIG MUSIK. #Self_Contained_2016”

What do you think of Big Eye, is he right to poke his nose in matters of Eddy Kenzo?