Breaking News: Promoter Suudi Man Arrested For Fraud Over Busy Signal Concert Schedule

Posted: 2015-08-28T16:13:13Z Read: 8,601 times

Suudi Lukwago aka SuudiMan Uganda’s biggest international promoter has been arrested ahead of Busy Signal-Konshens battle slated today.

According to the claims, Suudi Man is currently being held at Kampala Central Police station. It is said that Suudiman conned Sheila Patience Zella, a wife to singer Big eye money worth 15000 dollars. The money was meant for a show slated for a Sunday concert at the Speenah beach.

Sheila claims that, she asked Busy Signal about the concert on Sunday, but the answer she got was…He had no idea about the concert and that he was to go back to Jamaica on Sunday Morning! So when Sheila asked Suudi, he denied ever getting the money which prompted her to involve the police.

Apparently efforts to get the promoter out of jail on bail are under way, and Howwe has tried to reach out to Suudi but no avail.

This is a breaking story, we will keep you informed.