Mbilo-Mbilo: Mammoth crowd as Kenzo Makes History At Freedom City

Posted: 2015-08-17T10:03:51Z

Freedom city is one of the most popular venues for not only shopping but also music concerts. Majority of the worthwhile concerts held there have always had a great turn-up. Analytics have always attributed this to its location – on a busy road and opposite a lively shopping mall among other factors.

However, Eddy Kenzo has taken the great turn-up to a whole new whole level with a mammoth of crowd turning up for Mbilo-Mbilo concert, Freedom city version.

Eddy Kenzo attracted unprecedented numbers of revelers that forced the mall management to shut out several revelers after the event place filled to capacity and could not take in any more.

Meanwhile, Kenzo put up a thrilling performance that had fans putting up their hands in the air as they hummed to some of his hit songs like Freestyle and Sitya Loss