Pallaso Acknowledges Jose Chameleone and GoodLyfe’s Involvement in Bringing His Music Career to Life

Posted: 2015-07-05T13:47:37Z

The great families always have a reputation and a legacy that makes them unique. The Mayanjas family pedigree is music.

Pallaso of ‘Twatoba’ fame took to his social media to show how grateful he’s to have Dr. Jose Chameleone and Goodlyfe for they shaped his music career in one way or another

Just so you know !! Musically East Africa is well represented !! The job is getting done with no questions ! Dr Chameleone & Good Lyfe brought my career to life that's why I am not scared to help bring up other artists with me !! Let's keep this culture going

It feels good to know that someone is willing to pass on what you started having lead that someone by example. Pallaso just keep your lights up the fans need more of you this year and many more to come.