Fantasies Galz Join Celebrity Bar Frenzy

Posted: 2015-06-06T18:47:10Z

With their hit single, Ngalabi (also known by revelers as "Onsabatula nga Ngalabi") continuing to make surprising gains last week, currently putting dancers back on their feet and currently playing in all Uganda media houses and Kigali, "Fantasies Galz" have also joined the Uganda Celebrity Bar Frenzy. 

The vocal female urban girl band has opened up a massive pub in the wealthy upscale of Mengo. Rumored to be a deal worth multiples of millions, the galz have finally obtained a "sitting room" where all their fans shall be free to interact with them occasionally.

"We decided to call her 'Fantasy Bar'. Our 100-seater capacity bar and restaurant shall also host a variety of artists and events and shall be the most entertaining place in Kampala in months to come" said Maria Nakimuli , the fantasies Galz vocalist and PR coordinator.

With their new, body-disturbing and extremely vocal masterpiece, "DON'T TOUCH" making over 3000 downloads in just a few days after we uploaded it on our site, the sexy and gorgeous singing girls have continued to make headlines. 

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On top of getting the girls to appear in last weekend's local tabloid's "Hello Magazine",  the song has been received with remarkable applause, debuting on an average of NO. 15 in Western Uganda, No. 20 on Tropical Fm in Mubende, NO. 5 on Spice Fm in Hoima Oil City, and currently confirmed playing continuously on Dembe Fm, Digida Fm, Mama Fm, Galaxy Fm, Record Fm and Juice Fm and approved and being played by 12 DJs of Kampala's hottest night spots. 

From the creators of hi-tech tune Ngalabi such as Ricko, who is currently working on "Ziza Bafana's " next big unreleased single titled "Welele" and is credited for Grace Nakimera's "Ssessa", Naira Ali's "Okikola Otya",  "Ngalabi" by Fantasies Galz and "Shy Gal" by Naira Ali ft. Ziza Bafana . Working with  acclaimed music writer Michael Victor who is credited for penning the lyrics to Fantasies galz ballads "Sneaker", "Ekitundu" a verse in politically biased track "Movement Invicta", "Teddy Tereza" by King Saha ft. City Rock , "Oxygen" by Aziz Azion, "Koona" a new one by Mun G", obuzibu bwa waya" by Barbie J and "Wrong Number" by "Aziz Azion"  

Other artists who currently own powerful bars in the city are Radio and Weasel' "Soldiers bar" in Wandegeya, obsessions "blue ice" to mention but a few.

Download Fantasies Gals Hit, Don't Touch.

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