I Made Kenzo And Maro The Stars They Have Become Today -- Mikie Wine

Posted: 2015-05-13T11:55:44Z

We all have to start somewhere, for every journey in life there is always a starting point. Eddy Kenzo and Maro are two talented musicians enjoying immense success in the music scene lately.The success of both these stars should not be viewed with a tiny eye, they have come a long way and have risen above the Man that made them Stars.

It's known to everyone that Kenzo started his career under Mikie Wine's Sulubada highskul which is attached to Bobi wine's Firebase crew,In 2009 he released his Break out song ' Yanimba ' with Mikie wine -that we can say was his one way ticket to fame.

It can never be denied that Mikie wine donated alot to Kenzo's instant popularity, he gave him a platform which kenzo used to build his name and has made it bigger than Mikie wine.

Maro Of Vocal Police shares a similar  grounding , According to Mikie wine's interview with Daily Monitor's Squoop - Maro like Kenzo is a product of Sulubada Hixul.....

Mikie wine says Sulu bada is a music school where people graduate when they excel and are demoted when they fail and the two are some of his successful graduates.

"I have a good number of artistes who will become household names in the future, just like kenzo and Maro."

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