Leila Kayondo and Hellen Lukoma Fake Pregnancy

Posted: 2015-03-22T23:01:35Z

Outrageous? Nah! This is not even offensive, it's sick.

Hellen Lukoma says she and Leila Kayondo are "Best Friends Forever". We can see that now ... and we certainly see they have the same preferences. They want to get pregnant and can't wait to see their tummies bulge.

Leila Kayondo is SK Mbuga's girlfriend and actress/fashion designer Hellen Lukoma is Dean Nsubuga's lover.

Leila and Lukoma went on a fake pregnant photo spree on their instagram accounts with captions like "The Possibilities Life". They stuffed a pile of clothes in their shirts to make it look like they were carrying a baby. Maybe they want to know what it's like to be pregnant, or have that baby bump so many mothers love.

This stunt by these two beautiful celebrities could be a hint at the possibility that they're expecting ... or it's just a message to their boyfriends who probably aren't doing their job right or have no intentions of getting babies with them at the moment.

We'll find out.

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