Chagga To Be Fired By Radio and Weasel As their Manager

Posted: 2015-01-27T12:44:32Z

Following Chagga wild behavior in the UK during Radio and Weasel’s extra Neera concert, the dynamic duo are currently on the hunt for an international manager.

Kyagambidwa Geoffrey aka Chagga recently assaulted a woman who was trying to take photos with Radio and Weasel to the point the woman was disgracefully reduced to zero. The white lady who wanted a selfie with Weasel was pushed off by Chagga who thought that like Uganda, UK laws allow for women to be pushed around.

Following that incident, Radio and Weasel are looking for someone who will represent them with dignity since they are fairly trending in the Diaspora.

Remarkably, one Johnson Mujungu who recently scooped the management deal of Iryn Namubiru has been tipped for the hot slot.

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