Bebe Cool — Whatever I Post, Stupid Or Not, It's My Choice!

Posted: 2014-12-09T16:21:20Z

Gagamel Phamily boss, the legendary Bebe Cool is probably the most controversial artist you know -- he has picked up fights with almost every one, including his fans ... except himself.

Dec. 8th, the singer reportedly signed a contract to perform in Mbarara at the new "Western Media Awards" where he sang one song and ruthlessly moved off the stage after Amama Mbabazi was mentioned as the guest of honour--because Bebe is apparently a die hard Museveni fan.

His furious Western fans demanded that he refunded the money with an apology and stopped acting so childish. They took the anger to his facebook fan page and started trolling the artist.

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Bebe however, instead of apologizing to his Mbarara fans, he posted a statement about his so called haters trolling him on his own fan page ... refering to them as poor reasoning idiots and shallow minded skunks -- check it out!

I think I should address this issue once and for all, whatever i post on this page is my opinion or my choice of words and i think it's called my fan page, as in a page for my fans to only get to know what i wish them to know of.By common sense u get to like it if u r my fan and I guess u would be a lost "........." to like and comment using abusive language on my fan page if u r NOT my fan.If u don't have enough brains to think, digest, understand and comment then just don't show your poor reasoning capacity coz i usually don't have time to explain in depth.Social media has major problems coz its where u find people with all sorts of brain problems and yet they all think you meant to impress them.Sorry if i don't impress u with my personal feelings or political stand but as i know Uganda is such a democratic country that every person has a right to freedom of speech and expression among others.Now if u don't like what I say, kindly "..........." off my page coz I am a man who speaks his mind and am about to shock youuuuu.Watch out for the next post

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