Blogger Isma Olaxess Contemplates on Leaving the Country

Posted: 2021-10-07T18:59:38Z
Blogger Isma Olaxess Contemplates on Leaving the Country

The President of the Uganda Bloggers Association has spoken out on the trending video in which he allegedly confessed to killing producer Danz Kumapesa.

Isma Olaxess explained it's a doctored clip circulated by haters and some opposition supporters who don't wish him well.

"It's a doctored video. It was a lengthy discussion but some opposition cults are spreading it for selfish reasons. I am just being haunted by people who don't wish me well," he said.

He added that the death of Danz Kumapesa happened at the time he was staying in Sweden. He believes he should leave the country for his owns safety.

"I was in Sweden when Danz Kumapeesa death happened. I might be forced to relocate to a better environment," he concluded.

Isma Olaxess came back to Uganda a few months before the 2021 general elections which happened in January this year.