Wanbase Afrique partners with Afrigo Band 

Posted: 2021-10-02T05:55:19Z
Wanbase Afrique partners with Afrigo Band 

Afrigo band signed a contract with Wanbase Afrique, a record label located in Nalya Estate, Uganda on Friday.

While unveiling the record label and Afrigo band's 'Teri Mubi" album and a video for "Yantamiiza", a pure classic song, Isaac Rucci, the consulting CEO of Wanbase Afrique said Afrigo band will be dropping music that is also enjoyed by the young generation.

The video will be air playing on all TV stations and audio on all radio stations. 

Wanbase Afrique is a well-equipped audio-visual production house.

Its primary focus will mainly be on facilitating artists to produce hit singles, collaborate on new releases, brand partnerships, live and sync deals.

"We have invested in state of art audio and video production equipment, and the label is fully-fledged to offer 360 deals to artists across Africa.
We will be providing among others, audio and visual production of secular and gospel music, commercials, music publishing and distribution, documentaries and films while also enabling creatives’ talent identification, promotion, and events management," Isaac Rucci explained.

Wanbase Afrique will exclusively market, sell, distribute and publish Afrigo's music.

It will also control Afrigo's social media accounts