Martha Kay Obsessed With  NTV's Andrew Mwanguhya

Posted: 2021-09-16T19:10:00Z
Martha Kay Obsessed With  NTV's Andrew Mwanguhya

Sexy Martha Kay can't stop drooling NTV sports presenter, Andrew Mwanguhya. 

Every time she lands her eyes on him, he sends electric shocks all over her body. 

A close pal told Howwe that Martha Kay cannot stop talking about the TV presenter.

 "Martha has been complementing Andrew. She wants to meet him," a close pal disclosed.

Martha Kay confirmed that she is interested in him by posting his pictures on social media.  

“But everything aside, What a gorgeous man! I am surely going to be watching more of the show," she posted.

Martha Kay has no known boyfriend. She has been linked to A Pass,  Ykee Benda among others.