Pallaso's Music is Boring - Kabako

Posted: 2021-07-04T19:44:53Z
Pallaso's Music is Boring - Kabako

Ever upcoming musician Roden Y Kabako believes fellow singer Pallaso is a joker in the music industry. He is good at finance but not music.

During his performances on one of the local television during the weekend, Kabako argued that Pallaso was chosen as the treasurer of the Uganda Superstar Association because he is good at managing finances but not music.

Kabako claims he has better music compared to Pallaso.

"If it was music first he wouldn't have been the treasurer now, I am sure he was picked because he is a good manager of finances," Kabako said.

Despite Kabako's rants, Pallaso continues to be at the top of the industry. He has been releasing relatively good music.