Late AK47 Snatched Maggie From Me - Rabadaba

Posted: 2021-06-13T19:40:58Z
Late AK47 Snatched Maggie From Me - Rabadaba

Struggling musician Rabadaba was introduced by Maggie, a late AK47's widow to her parents in Entebbe on Friday.

The couple received a lot of criticism from the public. Many claimed that Maggie had paid her dowry.

While talking about their love life, Rabadaba said their love started way back before even the media knew the two existed. 

In an interview with local television, Rabadaba revealed he met Maggie in 1999 and she was her first love. He found her a virgin and he ran away with the goat.

He added that the two have been communicating before and after the death of AK47. It was only early this year when they decided to get back together, start from where they left off.

"I meant Maggie way back in 1999, she was my first girlfriend and I knew one day we shall get back together. I have no bad blood with anyone because the heart always finds its way to its desires," he partly said.

Maggie Kaweesi is a mother of twins.