Ykee Benda ventures into Marketing

Posted: 2021-04-07T22:07:05Z
Ykee Benda ventures into Marketing

Musician Ykee Benda broke onto the scene five years ago.

The singer has managed to remain relevant in the industry. 

Having performed at some of the biggest stages in the world, featuring in a world cup song and releasing a number of continental hits, Ykee is not ready to get into a comfort zone.

Two years ago, he started Mpaka Records, a record label that houses a recording studio and video production firm called Mpaka Films that has worked on some of the top videos in the country.

Mpaka Records is also home to fast-rising singer Dre Cali who has had several things on fast-rising charts. 

The latest news indicates that Ykee Benda started a marketing firm, Mpaka Marketing. He recently secured an endorsement deal from one of the leading cosmetic brands, Movit for female musician Lydia Jazmine.