Omulangira Ndausi Stings Ex-Wife

Posted: 2021-02-14T17:39:00Z
Omulangira Ndausi Stings Ex-Wife

Radio personality Omulangira Ndausi has thrown a jibe at his ex-wife, Faridah Ndausi saying that she ties on his name even though divorced.

He says Faridah will fade from the celebrity world the moment she stops using his name.

Omulangira says the name, Ndausi, sells and is a great business name in Uganda that anyone would want to associate with.

In earlier interviews, he confessed that getting married to her was the worst decision of his life. The Simba radio presenter said that for the seven years they were married, he never had a moment of fun but self-pity, misery, and pain.

He said that he regretted every moment he spent with his wife.

“It was all useless and horrible. I regret all the seven years of my life that I gave to her. It was all awful and made me so unhappy,” he said.