Sheilah Saltofte joins Nxt Radio 

Posted: 2021-02-13T18:16:31Z
Sheilah Saltofte joins Nxt Radio 

A year ago, Sheilah Saltofte switched from Vision Group’s Urban TV to NBS TV.

She has since been part of the NBS Katchup show that airs every Friday. She presents alongside Douglas Lwanga, Mc Kats, Dj Roja, Dj Mercy, Mc Isaac, and Dj Slick Stuart. 

And without a doubt, she is a perfect fit and she has made the show even more popular. 

The latest news on our news desk indicates that Sheila Salta has been rewarded with a gig at Nxt Radio.

Sheila will be part of the Nxt Club House show alongside Deejay Geeman, Mwami Kiyimba, and Jokwiz.