Big Artists are selfish - Ykee Benda rants 

Posted: 2021-02-09T19:40:06Z
Big Artists are selfish - Ykee Benda rants 

Last week, Ykee Benda announced that he would resign as the Uganda Musician Association(UMA) President. 

Despite not clearly explaining why he was stepping down, several fans attributed his decision to politics which has divided the music industry.

In an exclusive interview with Galaxy FM over the weekend, the Mpaka Records boss noted that big artists are selfish and most of them disrespect him.

He explained that they are only interested in the association when there is money from the government. They hold the leaders accountable in case they don’t fulfill their selfish interests. 

He declined to mention the artists that have been sabotaging his work.

Cindy will take over from Ykee Benda as the  President on a date yet to be confirmed.