Pastor Sempa Offers to Teach Gospel  To Zari's Children

Posted: 2021-01-18T10:31:18Z Read: 1,056 times
Pastor Sempa Offers to Teach Gospel  To Zari's Children

City Preacher Pastor Sempa has requested to teach Zari's children morals after it was reported that one of her sons is involved in homosexuality. 

Raphael Ssemwanga, son of Zari confessed that he is gay on Instagram a few weeks ago.

Sempa claims they lack religious mentorship and knowledge which has led them to act contrary to the Bible teachings.

The Pastor stressed that he has already reached out to Zari asking her for permission to bless her children.

"The children need guidance from us as elders. I have reached out to Zari and am ready to do that job efficiently. I will bless them with the religious mentorship," he said.
Zari, however, denied his son being involved with men. She says he has a girlfriend, he was trying to stop men from sending him nudes.