I am the Best Performer in Uganda - Karole Kasita.

Posted: 2020-10-14T20:28:07Z
I am the Best Performer in Uganda - Karole Kasita.

She is that gal that sets the party mood  everytime she sets a foot on stage.

Her sexy dance moves and outfits are irresistible! 

She has been able to keep on form ever since she  dropped her breakthrough song, Yaka.

Talking about her stage performances with a local YouTuber, said she believes she is the best performer in Uganda.

She also revealed that she is obsessed with her own videos in that she spends a lot of time on YouTube watching them.

"I have a lot of potential to grow in the industry. I take time to practice and prepare for my performances.This  shows that I am the best. At times, I watch my performances the all day on YouTube," she told a local YouTuber in an interview.

Karole Kasita started her music career in 2015 when she was a member of S&S Band. In 2018, she went solo and released Gyal A Bubble, a dancehall hit.