I forced my father to love Sheebah -  Mirundi Junior

Posted: 2020-10-13T21:28:30Z Read: 2,417 times
I forced my father to love Sheebah -  Mirundi Junior

Controversial political analyst Tamale Mirundi vowed to disown his son after he declared unending love for musician Sheebah Karungi.

His son who still stays under his roof risked to be thrown out of the house over Sheebah's love. 

Mirundi Junior said he had intentions to marry the singer whom he had never met then.

Tamale Senior warned him not to get close and described Sheebah as an indecent woman who doesn't deserve to be his daughter in-law.

Talking about Sheebah, Mirundi Junior claimed he had managed to convince his father to love Sheebah. 

He further said his father  now listens and dances to Sheebah's music.