KFM’S Doreen Nasasira Deny  Wedding Plans

Posted: 2020-10-13T21:05:48Z Read: 1,362 times
KFM’S Doreen Nasasira Deny  Wedding Plans

KFM’S presenter Doreen Nasasira has denied  rumors that she has any  plans to wed her lover anytime soon.

In an interview she said, “the media started the  rumor. If I was going to walk down the aisle, why would I hide it. I would be proud of my man. I don’t know anything about any wedding.”

Tabloids reported that the couple was already attending marriage counseling sessions.

It was also said that she had been gifted with a Benz by her husband to be.

“That’s also false. I have always bought cars for myself. No man has ever given me a car. My first car was a Honda. Yes, I have a benz but it was as result of my sweat,“ she explained when she was asked about her new car.