PHOTOS:Fille Excites St.Peter Naalaya As They Celebrated Their Own 'Kampala City Festival'

Posted: 2014-10-06T07:14:26Z

As schools were missing out on the annual Kampala City Festival that happened yesterday. Fille attracted attention of St.Peter Naalaya Girls and Boys.... The babes and boys were screaming and getting all joyous as some school boys were trying to show and make moves for Fille and grooved her like she never had a boyfriend like MC KATS.


Revelers were sampled with all their choices and good songs from Fille.... It was a meet and grill party indeed from Fille to the babes of the Uniform.


In other related news, Fille also performed at the annual Kampala City Festival that happened yesterday (Sunday, 5th Oct.) attracting people from all walks of life to celebrate their city.

Here are some photos