Namulondo Evelyn Explains How She Turned Into 'Rema's handbag'

Posted: 2020-05-28T06:29:54Z Read: 2,335 times
Namulondo Evelyn Explains How She Turned Into 'Rema's handbag'

The friendship between musician Rema Namakula and Namulondo Evelyn is often questioned by social media in-laws. She spends almost 80% of her time with the musician. Most people call her 'Rema's handbag'. 

During an interview with Luzze Anderson on his YouTube channel, Namulondo Evelyn talked about how she met her best friend. She explained that she striked a relationship with Rema 9 years ago and since then, they have been through thick and thin together.

‘I have been friends with Rema for 9 years. We met while she was still in Gagamel through a friend called Muwonge. What attracted me to her was her sweet voice and of course she looked very juicy and young,’ Namulondo Evelyn explained.

On a lighter side, fans have always criticized  Rema for opening doors of her home to such a beautiful friend. She is often seen at all Rema's celebrations.

It is also rumoured that she used to visit Rema's ex Eddy Kenzo while alone in Seguku. Some even  speculated that Kenzo actually feasted on her too. Although, there is no proof  to cement the rumours.