Chameleone mocks  Balaam Over singer Rihanna Claims

Posted: 2020-05-20T09:58:33Z
Chameleone mocks  Balaam Over singer Rihanna Claims

A few weeks ago, music promoter Balaam Barugahara claimed to be close friends with global superstar Rihanna.

When Jose Chameleone was asked about the relationship between Balaam and Rihanna, he just laughed.

Sarcastic Chameleone said  Balaam promised to bring Rihanna to one of his shows a few years ago but sadly, it was not Rihanna, the global superstar. 

“The question about Balaam being friends with Rihanna is true. 

Actually, even at one of my concerts, Balaam wanted to bring Rihanna Namakula from Masaka,” Chameleone  said while laughing.

Chameleone and Balaam  recently fell out after many years of friendship.  Balaam allegedly reported him to URA over tax evasion.