Most Entertainers Are Grassing - Kasuku

Posted: 2020-05-08T07:12:33Z
Most Entertainers Are Grassing - Kasuku

Gossip monger Kasuku is worried that the entertainment industry will never be the same again because most  musicians are grassing in this lockdown.

He said that after the lockdown is lifted, some musicians will disappear from the social scene and a number of them could end up running back to their villages.

He added that most of them are faking life just because they are celebrities but they lack basic needs of life.

Musicians have a attendance of not saving,  they have a culture of 'eat once and starve'.

"It is not all good with us in the entertainment industry, many musicians are broke. They used to live a good life but now, they are begging. They are not earning since public performances were halted in attempt to slow down the spread of Covid-19 in Uganda. I hope this period has taught them to save and invest their money," he said.