Faded singer Ziggy Dee to join Politics

Posted: 2020-04-22T10:45:05Z
Faded singer Ziggy Dee to join Politics

In 2004, Ziggy See released one of the biggest songs, “Eno Mic” and within no time, he was a hot cake in the music industry but faded slowly until he disappeared from the limelight.

The singer has now expressed interest in becoming a legislator since he can’t cope in the current music industry.

According to Ziggy Dee, the industry is more about the hype and not the talent nowadays.

He believes that musical artistes have changed and evolved in a way that talent and music come second, while their entertainment value is what matters most.

He believes in talent not hype, a reason he is opting for politics.

“I believe in talent not hype. I am not doing music, I am running for MP. Maybe I will create an impact there," he said.