Douglas Lwanga Is The 'Wife' at home - Full Figure

Posted: 2020-03-24T06:09:20Z
Douglas Lwanga Is The 'Wife' at home - Full Figure

NBS presenter Douglas Lwanga got married to Eunice Nuwamanya in 2010 at the age of 25 and 24 respectively.

The young couple did not get along so well and they called it quits a few years later.  

He later met former Club Silk PR Linda Mukasa and their union resulted into a son.

The two are often seen hanging out and they run Purple party together. According to failed singer, Full Figure, Douglas Lwanga is the ‘wife’ at home and Linda is the ‘man’ in the house.

This came after Lwanga demanded compensation from the President for the losses he incured after Purple Party was called off due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Full Figure claimed the money financing Purple party belongs to Linda not Douglas.

"Linda caters for all the bills in the house and thinks for Lwanga. He can't make any move without Linda approving it," Full Figure claimed.

Full Figure also alleged that Douglas Lwanga has never paid musicians who entertain revellers at  Purple Party events.

According to Full Figure, Douglas promises the artistes airtime on his shows which at times he fails to deliver in exchange for performances.