KT Promotions Signs Carol Nantogo From Golden Band

Posted: 2020-02-27T06:49:12Z
KT Promotions Signs Carol Nantogo From Golden Band

Five years ago, the music industry was introduced to the romantic sound of Carol Nantongo who is one of the best female vocalists in the country.

She landed a deal with Golden Band Productions that was one of the best  selling band music at the time.

She is now done. She has decided to quit the band where she kick-started her career join KT Promotions.In her statement, Carol Nantogo says Golden Band introduced anda gve her an opportunity to take on a wonderful career in music.

She believes Golden Band is her family and they will always remain at heart.

"Bye bye Golden Band. It's heartbreaking and hard for me to leave a family behind to move a solo music journey... Five (5) years ago, I joined Golden Band, just like any beginner i was totally green about the whole music industry little did i know that Nsika my first record would give me a humble introduction to u my fans, thanks to KT Promotions who opened doors for me and believed in my every effort," the statement read.

Insiders say that lack of proper guidelines by her management forced her to make a move.

The band was taken up  by politics and many of her managers have since moved abroad and are venturing in other businesses which put her career at stake.

"There no definite words that can describe the love ,support and care the Golden Band Directors showed to me, i can't pay you but to pray so that God blesses you. The good thing is that I am still under the guidance and management of KT Promotions, " part of her statement read.

In Golden Band, Carol Nantogo recorded Tukigaale, Kameese tabula and Silwana among others.