I'm Done With Bad Energy - Ceaserous

Posted: 2020-01-24T07:08:07Z Read: 1,508 times
I'm Done With Bad Energy - Ceaserous

Struggling musician Ceaserous says he is not  interested in negative energy.

He says fans have been asking for new music but when he released a new song, telephone call, it failed receive airplay on radios and TVs.  

"I have always wanted to give my fans good music but I fail some times because of some stakeholders in the industry. I will keep pushing on, no negative vibes," he said on a local radio interview.

"I am here for a good time not a bad time," he posted on his Facebook page shortly after the interview.

He asks his fans to continue supporting his music and promises to release more music this year.

Ceaserous is  remembered for his song 'dangerous' that was a club anthem in 2016.