Dj LL, Weasel Fight Over A Woman

Posted: 2019-12-14T06:34:35Z
Dj LL, Weasel Fight Over A Woman

Dj LL was thumped by singer Weasel Manizo for greeting his girlfriend as he claimed.

The juicy info is that Dj LL and Weasel have not been seeing eye to eye for a longtime.  

Dj LL had banned Weasel’s music and had not been playing it for months.

This was after Weasel discovered that Dj LL was spreading rumours and bad mouthing him with the intent of winning Sandra Teta. 

“He wanted Teta. He is broke to afford her but he decided to use a tactic of spreading bad info about Weasel so that he could win her heart. Weasel got to know and they fell out. For a matter of fact, he has not been playing Weasel’s music. He greeted Teta infront of Weasel to provoke him,” a source narrated.

Dj LL is currently at Nsambya Hospital nursing wounds.