Hellen Lukoma Says The Old 'Obsessions' Days Were Pointless

Posted: 2014-09-26T02:58:25Z

Former 'Obsessions' singer, Hellen Lukoma, wants you to know it was a wastage of time trying to build a music career with her fellow girls back in the early 2000's in a dancing/singing group 'Obsessions' formed by Sharon O's hubby, Ronnie Mulindwa. ... Well, the Obessions definitely did not help any of them, but it's still too early to judge.

A few hours ago, Lukoma also shared a photo on her instagram with a sad caption "#TBT ...obsession days...👈..tuvude wala".

Obsessions started in early 2000's as a dance group featuring both girls and boys and most people who were recruited came in very young. Both Brenda Nambi and Sheebah Karungi joined right after high school.

Brenda Nambi poses for a photo ... HB Toxic days

According to Mtaani, 'proprietor" of the group had a house where the group stayed and operated from. Everything was provided for them in that house and no one was allowed to leave as they wished.

"You never had a life , it was work and more work in that house. You woke up and went straight to rehearsals after which you would be going for an interview, performance or something entertainment related." basically, we didn't have lives outside the obsession house" -- Sheebah said in an interview with mtaani in July 2013

Lukoma and Brenda Nambi were already fed up of the Obsessions, they quit and formed a group called HB Toxic in 2008 leaving about 4 years with Obessions behind them. Lukoma says all that time was wasted and absolutely pointless.

Hellen Lukoma and Brenda Nambi

MORE: The New Obessions Girls have a new hit song titled "Dalu", Watch the Video here ... or Listen/Download the Mp3. Thesong is awesome and the group was definitely revamped.

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