I will be Releasing My New Album Soon - Lady Mariam

Posted: 2019-11-21T06:54:56Z Read: 2,552 times
I will be Releasing My New Album Soon - Lady Mariam

She has a unique touch and voice when it comes to music.

Her song 'Tindatine' took the country by surprise and she got overwhelming reception even from people who didn't understand a word in Runyankore.

When Lady Mariam switched to singing in Luganda,  she disappeared in the market that had many musicians that were already good at it.

She had something to offer to the audience but she failed to capitalize on that.

She is now plotting for a comeback.

She says she is working on an album and her fans should expect magic.  She is set to release it early next year.

The Tindatine singer  says she still has music on YouTube.

"I have songs on the internet, visit my YouTube channel. You will be shocked, my songs are many. My critics should just know that they are leaving in another world," she said.

Lady Mariam says she is grateful that her fans have loved her even without releasing new songs every now and then.