Weasel Can Release Radio’s Music - Lawyer

Posted: 2019-09-26T08:25:07Z
Weasel Can Release Radio’s Music - Lawyer

In February 2018,  musician Mowzey Radio passed on after succumbing to head injuries sustained in a bar brawl. 

His music projects were later released by singing partner Weasel and other musicians. 

Many music lovers criticized the move but the late's lawyer has come out to defend Weasel. 

“We are aware that Weasel is releasing Radio’s music but it is very okay. The only issue is those doing it without permission. We have a list of producers and musicians doing it but they will all be brought to book,” he said shortly after the late singer’s case hearing was adjourned at Nakawa Magistrates court.

It is rumoured that King Saha is one of the musicians releasing Mowzey Radio’s music without permission.